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Categories: Thoughts, Wedding StoryPublished On: April 24th, 2023


Photo from Meg and Eden's wedding near Stone in Staffordshire

What you can expect from your professionally produced wedding video…

Seeing as you’re trusting your wedding videographer to capture one of the most important days of your life, I always think it’s key you vibe with them as a person.

No two wedding videographers are the same – so here’s some of the values which influence the way I work, and ultimately the wedding video I produce for you.

It’s a bit of an alternative approach to making wedding videos, because it’s different to the traditional way of doing things… but I think many people prefer this style of wedding film.


1. My videos showcase your personality and have a sense of humour

Some people really want a wedding video that is super cinematic, heavy on the slow mo, and makes them look like a celeb couple.

If that’s what you’re after, then you might want to look elsewhere – because my videos are all about letting out your silly side and having a laugh.

So all those little comments you say to your other half during the wedding ceremony that aren’t part of the official script *always* make the final cut.

I want your video to be a true reflection of who you are as a couple – and frankly, I just want it to be fun for you to watch.

2. My wedding videos feature all of your guests too

While your wedding video celebrates your love story, I also think it should involve all of the people that you wanted to share your wedding day with you.

I see some wedding videos which are just posed shots of the couple, and maybe also some bridesmaids / groomsmen.

Now obviously if you’re eloping, it will kinda just be the two of you in the video.

But if you’re having a big knees up, I think you want to see everyone else enjoying your wedding day.

I travel around the room like a ninja, capturing your mates doing the Macarena like they’re back at a primary school disco; or filming your cousins laughing over the photo display you put up.

As well as being able to see all of the people you love, these are quite often the moments you miss during the day (unfortunately, there are times when people need you for stuff!) so me filming them means you see a different side of your wedding day.

3. My wedding videos are very laid back – no posed shots here

Since I’m yet to work with anyone who has been on a reality tv show, it’s safe to say all of the weddings I’ve filmed have been for people who aren’t used to having a camera following them around.

It can be a bit uneasy – you can always see it in peoples eyes when they’re like ‘err… why is that person filming me?’

And that’s not good for me (because the footage looks weird) and it’s not good for you (because it can ruin the chilled vibe of the day).

That’s why I hang in the background, and capture the candid stuff that’s already happening. The footage looks better if you’re not worrying about posing for shots, and you have a better day too.

4. My wedding videos are very inclusive

Your wedding day is an amazing chance to celebrate who you are as a couple. The choices your make with decor, the order of the day, the outfits, are all so personal to you.

Many of the couples I work with like to ditch or alter lots or the wedding ‘traditions’ (I know my wife and I did!)

So when I first sit down and chat to you, I don’t make any assumptions about what is happening and when.

That’s why my wedding video packages are based on time spent with you rather than events during the day.

You tell me what your wedding day looks like, and I’ll make a wedding video which helps you to remember it for years to come.

I’m also a queer videographer; and I’m happy to accommodate any disabilities with my work – whether that be alterations to how I film, or things like subtitling.

5. My wedding videos are bespoke – not a template in sight

Some wedding videographers who’ve been in the game a long time seem to get a bit jaded, and just churn out the same videos over and over again but with different faces.

Shot of the venue > shot of the dress > shot of the cake… and so on.

I’m determined to never get to that mindset, which is why I only take on a set number of weddings per year.

It’s one of the biggest days of your life, so it’s only right that your wedding videographer treats it with the attention it deserves.

I handpick the best moments from your wedding day, and turn it into a meticulously crafted highlights film.

Vibe with what I’m saying? Fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch to chat about filming your wedding.

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