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A portrait moment from Laura and Ryan's wedding in the Lake District

Don’t worry, you’ll hardly notice I’m there – part of my skill as a wedding videographer is sticking in the background and capturing the natural moments


How many of us are on camera on a regular basis?

Influencers give it a good go, as do TV presenters. But by and large, most people aren’t used to being photographed regularly, let alone filmed.

Which means that for some, the prospect of being video’d for their whole wedding day can be a bit daunting.

But don’t worry – my skill as a wedding videographer is that you’ll barely even notice I’m there.

Your wedding is not the set of Jerry Springer so I won’t be chasing after you to stick a camera in your face. I capture natural moments, real emotions, and the kind of fun “behind the scenes”-style action that feels like real life.


What I’m doing while you can’t see me

Don’t worry, just because you don’t notice me doesn’t mean I’m skiving off – I don’t just spend the day at the bar having a drink while you’re off enjoying yourselves. There’s definitely no time for that on a wedding day!

One of the first things I do after saying hi when I’ve arrived is set up my equipment for the ceremony – with two cameras on tripods and multiple microphones this is often no small task! I’m always envious of photographers with their single handheld camera.

At this point, I’ll also capture some gorgeous footage of the place you’ve chosen to tie the knot (these shots normally go at the start of the video to help to set the scene.)

I’ll pop in to film you guys while you’re getting ready, before disappearing off to film your loved ones arriving, all excited to see you get married. And after the ceremony, I’ll likely come with you and the photographer to get those lovely couple shots where you’re like: ‘omg we just got married.’

But mostly my shoots are no-pose zones. The best shots happen when you’ve forgotten you’re on camera and you’re just enjoying the moment.


My secret weapon for filming natural moments

So how do I get you guys and your guests to forget that you’re on camera?

It’s all down to this bad lad… which I think of as my spy lens.


Canon C100 Mark II with Canon EF 70-200mm lens attached


It’s mega zoomed in, which means I don’t actually need to be close to you in order to get footage which looks like it was filmed by someone standing right next to you.

This means at no point do you (or any of your guests) just have a camera shoved in your face. I want to capture the most natural footage possible of everyone enjoying the day – and that doesn’t happen when you can see that you’re being filmed.


The moments you’ll notice me

Okay, so of course you’ll spot me around sometimes. If I’m filming you getting ready, you might see me grabbing a couple of close ups while you’re getting your hair done, or neatly tieing your bow tie.

But in these situations I mostly blend is as one of the guests, laughing and joking with you and your friends. 

For the ceremony I’ll pop up again in order to put a little lapel microphone on you. But once this is recording you easily forget its there – depending on your wedding outfit, you might not even be able to see it (for example, I often place it behind the button hole flowers).

During the ceremony, I’ll stand behind the registrar/celebrant with the photographer. I’m in plain sight – but my experience at this point is you guys only have eyes for each other anyway!

If you’re doing speeches I’ll make another appearance to put the microphone back on you – but otherwise the next time we’ll have a proper chat might be the end of the evening… I just want you to be able to enjoy your day with each other.


So don’t worry if you’re worried about being filmed for your wedding day – I work hard to make sure you barely even notice I’m there (in a good way!) Get in touch if you’d like to chat about how your wedding day will look on camera.

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