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Wedding videography in Staffordshire, Cheshire, and beyond.

Which wedding day moments will you want to remember forever?

If you’re reading this, you might’ve already started to imagine your wedding day.

What is it going to look like? Who’s going to be there? How are you going to feel when you say “I do”?

Whether you’re going all out or keeping it simple, you want to remember every unmissable moment.

But what about all the brilliant little moments in between?

You’ll want to remember those half-whispered in-jokes during your vows. The handful of misfired confetti. The belly laughs during the speeches.

And the kiss you share as the lights dim and you realise: “We just got married!” That’s what I help you remember forever.

As your wedding videographer, I capture every moment of your wedding day; from big ones to wonderfully little ones too.

Let’s make sure your wedding day is truly unforgettable.

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Image shows young couple Megan and Eden exchanging rings at their outdoor wedding at Moddershall Oaks in Staffordshire
Image shows couple Fran and Izzy getting confetti thrown on them during their wedding at the town hall in Eastbourne, East Sussex

How are you celebrating your love?

There’s a million different ways to capture a love story – find out which works best for yours.

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Your wedding day

From never-miss-a-second full shoots to capturing special moments.

Take the feeling of marrying the love of your life and bottle it forever in a wedding film all of your own. Whether you want a few unmissable moments or to remember the whole day from start to finish, you’ll find a package that suits your story.

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Your elopement story

Just you, the love of your life, and a day you’ll never forget.

Your marriage is about you and the person you love; so why should your wedding be any different? You’ve chosen to do your wedding day your way, so remember every wonderful little with an elopement videography package.

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Your love story

Document your wedding day and the incredible love story behind it.

Your wedding day is the ultimate celebration of your partnership, but that’s not all there is to your love story. From the tale of how you two met to the place you got engaged, capture the moments behind the magic and the day you both say “I do”.

“Hannah managed to get footage of things that Ed and I didn’t see at the wedding, such as the guests arriving and the little private moments. The day goes so fast, and she captured absolutely everything that mattered to us and more.”

Hannah and Ed Greasley

The stories so far…

Every single wedding story is special – it’s why I never tire of hearing how the folks I work with fell in love in the first place. Here’s some of the stories I’ve had the privilege of filming…

Megan and Eden

I like to think that most people have the pleasure of knowing a couple like Megan and Eden. Together for over nine years, the two met at school and became one of those jammy couples who clearly hit a home-run on the first try.

These two lovebirds envisioned a lakeside wedding, exchanging vows in an outdoor ceremony before friends and family. Thankfully, the great British weather was on their side and the two tied the knot at Moddershall Oaks, in Staffordshire. It was my privilege to be there to witness their union (through the lens of a camera!) and see first-hand the incredibly deep love they share.

Sheryl and Jodie

After postponing their wedding three time because of the pandemic, Sheryl and Jodie were finally able to tie the knot in spring 2022. It was a day of love, laughter, and a lot of happy tears! From the intimate outdoor ceremony to family members busting some sick moves on the dance floor – it really was a day to remember

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What’s the vibe?

A wedding is an incredibly personal event – whether you’re going for an all-out matrimonial extravaganza or keeping things low-key cool, everything ought to feel just right.

If any of the following strikes your fancy, we might just be a match made in heaven.

Video still of toasts, filmed in Staffordshire by Wedding Stories by Hannah Quinn
  • Is your wedding shaping up to be a little bit different? Maybe you’re sacking off a few stuffy traditions, opting for an unusual venue, or just doing things your own special way. If your wedding is shaping up to be slightly left of centre, it’s going to look incredible through my lens.
  • If you’re feeling a little bit worried about the idea of being filmed, I feel you. Your wedding is not the set of Jerry Springer so I won’t be chasing after you to stick a camera in your face – in fact, you might not even notice me. I capture natural moments, real emotions, and the kind of fun “behind the scenes”-style action that feels like real life.
  • Are you keen to take the time to get things just right? There’s a reason I only shoot a limited number of weddings each year – I get the scoop on what you want beforehand (or help you figure it out, if you’re not sure) so when you receive your wedding film, it’s everything you imagined and more.
  • Love is love. If you and/or your beloved are LGBTQIA+, you’re in good and safe company. I love capturing lesbian, queer, trans, gay, non-binary, intersex and asexual wedding stories. Who we are and who we love is important and you deserve to feel respected and celebrated during your wedding journey.

Now this is all well and good, but I reckon the best way you’re going to know whether I’m the right videographer for you is if we have a chat about your big day.

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Hannah and Becca on their wedding day

Inspired by my very own love story

As a professional videographer, my first experience of wedding videography was when I was looking for someone to film my own nuptials.

In searching for someone who could tell our unique little love story, I realised that the kind of videography style I was looking for wasn’t out there yet – something a little different, a little alternative, a little bit off the beaten track.

I decided to become the videographer that I couldn’t quite find for myself. It started with my own love story (and we were so happy to tie the knot August 2022!) but now it’s about so much more than that – it’s about yours…

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