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Still of the brides and friends holding sparklers from Sheryl and Jodies's wedding filmed in Staffordshire by Wedding Stories by Hannah Quinn

Yes, you can absolutely have input into your wedding video; I make sure that whatever moments or people you want included are there.

A wedding DJ isn’t the only supplier who takes requests!

When you’re planning your wedding day, you’re likely to have things that you’re desperate to be able to look back on for years to come.

Perhaps you’re recreating a photo from your parents’ wedding; or great uncle Clive is visiting from Australia and you haven’t seen him since you were four.

Whatever is happening, if you want it featured in your wedding video, I’ll make it happen.


My consultation process makes your wedding video bespoke to you

Before booking with me, we can meet up either online or for a cuppa, and have a chat about what you want your wedding video to look like.

As part of this, you can share anything you’d like included, and I’ll let you know if it’s doable or not (spoiler alert: it probably is, unless you require me to submerge my camera underwater! I love working with couples, but that thing is my baby).

Then, about a month before your big day, we’ll meet up again to chat through your plans, now they’re more solidified. And at this point, we can chat again about anything you’re desperate to be included.

One thing I’m really keen on is that my wedding videos are bespoke to the couples I work with. I spend a ridiculous amount of time editing your video, handpicking the absolute best moments of your day.


A full wedding day’s coverage; whatever that looks like

As part of the Sun Up to Moon Rise package, you get me covering as much of your wedding day as you want.

This could take you from your early morning Bucks Fizz with your best mates, right the way through to a midnight fireworks do.

With this package, I work on events of the day, and not a clock. I don’t want you looking at your watch and thinking ‘oh god, the videographer says she’s leaving at 10pm but we’ve not done the sparklers yet’.

While normally I find the optimal time to sneak away and let you enjoy your evening is when an uncle puts his tie around his noggin, I’m happy staying for longer if you like.

And this was definitely the case with Sheryl and Jodie’s wedding at Inglewood Manor in Ellesmere Port.

Image shows couple Sheryl and Jodie smiling holding ice cream during their wedding at Inglewood Manor, near Ellesmere Port


I film your wedding for as long as you want me to

Her family have got a very specific tradition. At every single family party, her brother dances to Ice Ice Baby.

So naturally, she wanted me to stick around to capture this, and I was more than happy to oblige.

Thank god I did. For one it was absolutely hilarious, but also you can tell that he and Jodie are having the best time, and that’s absolutely what I want to get across in your wedding video. I want it to be fun, and every time you watch the video I want you to enjoy it as much as you did the first time round.



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