Wedding videographer Hannah Quinn

Capturing one unforgettable day in the life of your love story.

Hi, I’m Hannah Quinn (She/Her) and I’m a wedding videographer based in the heart of Staffordshire.

In the span of a lifetime, a wedding day is a blink and you’ll miss it moment.

It’s a blissful few hours of joy and love and unforgettable-ness then suddenly, time leaps forward. You check the calendar and your wedding day was weeks ago.

When did that happen!?

As your wedding videographer, I’m there to capture memories, moments and emotions on film so you can keep them forever.

But it’s not just about documenting the day – your wedding video will draw you in and play out like a movie. Whenever you want to remember how you felt that day, all you’ll need to do is press “play”.

I mean, come on – it’s your wedding day! Let’s tell it like the love story that it is.

Purple outline graphic of two birds holding a heart
Hannah and Becca at university

Who is Hannah Quinn (and what’s her love story?)

Since I spend a lot of my time being professionally (and, I must admit, personally!) nosy about my clients’ love stories, I thought it was only fair that I shared mine…

I first met my partner Becca at the University of Winchester in 2014.

Having made friends with one of Becca’s two flatmates during our freshers year, I’d often pop over for parties and movie nights. When we moved out of halls in our second year, the four of us decided to rent a house together.

(I know you’re not meant to get with your housemates but it worked out for us!)

Love is stored in the misshapen Halloween cookie

For Becca and I, our attraction was less love at first sight and more of a slow burn.

I first started falling for her one day in autumn. We’d gone for a walk and upon returning home, decided to bake 100 (small, misshapen) Halloween cookies.

We didn’t even have a cooling rack. It was an intense bonding experience!

As is often the way, other people saw something between us way before we did. One lad on the ultimate frisbee team was particularly convinced we were together.

The first kiss of many

It took a night at a friend’s cheese and wine evening (hey, when in Winchester…) for either of us to pluck up the courage and make a move. We had our first kiss on the doorstep of our terrible little student digs – the first of many.

On a gorgeous sunny day in Greenwich Park in 2021, I asked Becca to marry me. She said yes, and we had the most amazing wedding day in August 2022 (although it tipped it down all day – you can never trust the British weather!)

Purple cursive writing of: Love is Love

Finally getting to say “I do”

Ed and Hannah

After deferring their big day four times thanks to the pandemic, Ed and Hannah finally got to tie the knot on a crisp autumn morning in the heart of Staffordshire.

Surrounded by friends and family, it was a day full to bursting with love and laughter. This laidback couple weren’t about the big staged moments, so my relaxed, unposed approach was a perfect match for them.

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Natural authentic wedding videography

The wedding videos I create for my couples have a natural, playful and heartfelt vibe.

When it comes to describing how I approach your wedding videography experience, it’s easier to talk about what I don’t do.

So, here’s what you won’t need to worry about if I’m filming your wedding day…

  • My shoots are no-pose zones! The best shots happen when you’ve forgotten you’re on camera and you’re just enjoying the moment.
  • You won’t need to worry about me missing an important moment. We’ll go over the schedule during our pre-shoot chats and you can highlight anything you want filming in particular.
  • I like to get a clear idea of the day beforehand, which means you won’t need to liaise with me when you’re supposed to be enjoying your wedding day!
  • If you have any specific access needs, I’ll be doing my utmost to accommodate for them. Our chats beforehand will make sure of that.

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