Your love story isn’t just about saying “I do”. Tell the full story with a pre-wedding shoot, guest interviews, and full wedding day videography.

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when someone asks you how you met the love of your life? Maybe you’re familiar with it.

You might have the most mundane meet-cute in the world, but you’re still excited to tell the story of how you met and fell in love – because it’s your favourite story in the world.

That’s what this very special wedding videography package captures; your love story. Alongside a full wedding shoot, this package includes an additional filming session before the big day, talking head interviews with friends and family during the event, and documentary-level production values.

This means that you won’t just be watching your wedding day when you press ‘play’ – you’ll be experiencing your favourite story like you’ve never heard it before.

Hannah and Ed on their wedding day
Image shows couple Sheryl and Jodie smiling holding ice cream during their wedding at Inglewood Manor, near Ellesmere Port
Brides Fran and Izzy getting into their camper van transport after their wedding in Eastbourne to head to their wedding reception at Eastbourne tennis club

Documentary-style wedding videography

Your love is one a million, so there’s no reason why your wedding video needs to look like everyone else’s.

For couples who are interested in doing things a little differently and creating something special for their big day, a documentary-style wedding video is the perfect way to do it.

  • Take part in a pre-wedding shoot that feels meaningful to you – film on location at your favourite beauty spot or revisit the place where you got engaged.
  • Remember every moment of the day you say “I do” with a complete wedding videography package, from getting ready in the morning to getting down in the evening.
  • Hear stories and well-wishes from your nearest and dearest on the big day with “talking head” style interviews with wedding guests.

The final film weaves together footage captured over your two key shoots alongside any additional photography or videos you’d like to include.

Celebrate the start of married life with a wedding video that tells your love story.

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Your Love Story wedding videography package

While everyone’s love story is going to be different, here’s what you can typically expect from this unique new wedding videography package.

  • Full creative consultation and virtual pre-shoot planning session
  • A three to five hour pre-wedding day shoot, on location
  • A full wedding day video shoot (see Your Wedding Story for more details)
  • TV-quality radio mics for interviews, speeches and vows
  • Multiple angles captured with both static and handheld cameras on both shoots
  • Professional production and editing process
  • Soundtrack matching service for the perfect musical accompaniment
  • 30-second teaser trailer within 5 working days

  • Final 20-minute wedding video delivered digitally

  • Full length edit of your speeches

Prices start from £2,250

Each package is totally bespoke to the individual or couple. Get in touch to start exploring some ideas and to receive a quote for your unique wedding video.

What to expect from a documentary wedding video experience

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1. Before the wedding

Before the big day, we’ll arrange a shoot on location. Maybe that’s where you got engaged, somewhere meaningful to you, or just somewhere you’d like to explore together.

The subject matter is up to you – what kind of story do you want to tell?

  • Perhaps it’ll be just the two of the talking about how you met.
  • You might want to use the shoot to reveal to your friends and family details of the big day.
  • You could be surprising your other half, filming a secret pre-wedding message just for them.

Whatever you want to use your pre-wedding day shoot as, I’ll work with you to plan every detail and later, flow the footage into the final film!

2. During the wedding

When it comes to the day you both say “I do”, I’ll be right there capturing every unmissable moment. Check out the “Sun Up to Moon Rise” wedding videography package for the full lowdown on this service.

In addition to filming your wedding celebration, I’ll also be spiriting away guests to a quiet corner for short, casual interviews.

Guests will have the chance to share well-wishes, tell some stories, and share a few memories about the happy couple – we’ll try and keep it PG-13 if you’re going to share the final film with younger audiences!

3. After the wedding

After your wedding day, your footage will be woven together into a beautiful documentary-style film.

I’ll be using footage from both shoots, photos, soundbites, and video and editing it together into a film that tells your new favourite story.

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