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Wedding photographer taking picture of bouquet

Some photographers offer to produce a highlights video while capturing your wedding day – here’s why I think that’s not all it’s cracked up to be

I exhibited at a wedding fair in Birmingham recently, and while an amazing experience, one thing I got told by quite a few couples really stuck with me.

“We don’t need a wedding videographer, as our photographer also films a highlights video during the day.”

Now this can work okay. If video wasn’t a priority for you anyway and is just a bit of a Brucie bonus, then fine. Or if the photographer hires a separate professional to work with them and just capture the video, that would work well.

But I just want to outline some of the issues with this approach – and why you might not get the kind of wedding video you’re dreaming of.


Wedding videos and photos are very different 

Sure, we often stand in the similar places during the wedding day – that’s usually down to what the lighting in the room is like, and getting the best possible shot.

But there’s a lot more to take into account with video than there is photos.

The biggest one is obviously audio. During a wedding ceremony, I often have over five different microphones recording simultaneously, to make sure every word is heard in perfect clarity.

Anyone doing any kind of speaking has a little lavalier microphone clipped to them, whilst both cameras recording have a microphone on them as well as a backup.

Image shows a lapel microphone, which is how we capture high quality audio at weddings

Photographers who offer a highlights reel as well are likely only capturing the visuals on video, and not looking at the audio.

Speaking of ‘both cameras’ – during the ceremony and speeches, I record with two cameras so that I can cut between the two, and the video looks continuous even if there’s little sections I edit out. This means that if you choose, I can produce a separate video of your ceremony or speeches in full.

It’s very rare for photographers to do that if they’re just recording a little highlights reel.


You see different parts of the day when hiring two professionals 

I don’t just follow the photographer around all day and capture the same things as them!

While obviously during times like the ceremony and the speeches we’ll be in the same place, most of the time we’ll be filming/photographing different things.

For example, if the photographer takes you away for your couples photos, I’ll often stay behind with your guests and film them enjoying the party – something which you otherwise would completely miss from your wedding day.

I remember at my wedding, coming back from the portraits shots and being told my cousin had done the worm on the dancefloor – we would’ve missed this moment if the videographer hadn’t stayed behind.

Wedding photographer


Don’t take the photographer away from the photos

Even if your photographer is also fantastic at capturing video, if they are just one person then they can’t capture both well at the same time.

Which means that if your photographer has switched over to video at a certain point of the day – you’re missing out on getting that moment captured on a photo. And obviously it works the other way round too.

I know any video I shot would be way worse if I was also trying to snap some photos!


Video should be a priority, not an afterthought

Trust me when I say that capturing a wedding day on video is hard work, and takes a lot of skill.

I really bloody love it – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

I’d been a professional videographer for a couple of years before feeling ready to shoot my first wedding, and I’m constantly honing and improving my craft.

What I’m trying to say with this is that a wedding day video isn’t something you film in the quiet moments between capturing photos. It needs to be the one and only focus of the professional throughout the day.


Has this made you consider booking me to work alongside your photographer? Read this to learn more about how I work well with other professionals.

And I’m always happy to hop on a Zoom call and talk over your wedding day plans, just get in touch with me to make that happen.

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