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Jodie dancing with a friend at her wedding in Ellesmere Port

A lot of thought goes into choosing the music to your wedding video – I don’t just choose any old song!

There’s a conundrum when it comes to wedding videos that you don’t really think about until you’re the one making them.

And that problem is music licensing. I know, what a sexy topic, eh.

While I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of it, you’re not allowed to use your favourite Ed Sheeran track on your wedding film, just because it was your first dance.

And in fact, it’s even worse than that – because if you do use it, there’s NO chance of posting your video online. Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube have music detection software, and they just outright won’t let you upload a video if they notice you’ve got a licensed track on it.

So instead, I’ve got paid subscriptions to a couple of really high quality royalty free music databases, and I spend hours searching for the perfect songs for your highlights film.

Laura, Ryan and their son Josh after getting married in the Lake District


Matching the track to your personal tastes

Music is such an important part of the wedding day for many couples – from the song you choose to walk down the aisle to, to your first dance, and all the bangers that follow during the party afterwards.

I always ask couples directly what kind of music they like, but from the points above I get a really good idea of your tastes during the wedding day itself.

That means when I’m finding the right song, I can find the same genre and artist style of all your favourites.


Getting the tempo of the dancing right

So your first dance. Whether you’re swaying in time, or busting out some killer moves, there’s a certain speed you’re doing it at which is defined by the music.

The beats per minute of the song defines at which point you’re doing that body pop, so I want to make sure it all lines up in the video. Therefore, I find a song which has the same tempo.

I’m making sure people can tell you have rhythm!


Music is a personal taste

At the end of the day, despite taking all this into account and trawling music sites for hours, music is a VERY subjective decision and I sometimes get it wrong.

But that’s okay! As part of my wedding videography packages, I offer a set of free revisions to your video, to make sure its a film you truly love for the rest of your life.

At this point, you’re welcome to tell me you’d like some of the music to be changed, and point me in the direction of the kind of stuff you like.

Want to find out more about how I make my wedding films truly bespoke to the couples I work with? Get in touch and we can chat over Zoom about what your wedding plans would look like on video.

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