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Wives Fran and Izzy after getting married in Eastbourne

I love photographs, but some parts of a wedding day need to be filmed to really shine – here are my top 5 wedding moments that look amazing on video

There’s only a couple of photos from the evening dancing of my wedding where I look good. In the rest, I either look like I’ve got T-rex hands, or like I’m completely dissociating.

 Director Hannah Quinn during her first dance at her wedding.

Quite simply, there are moments of your wedding day that need to be captured on video – or even in buttery smooth slow motion.

Here are my top five wedding moments you need to get filmed.

1: The walk down the aisle


This is one of the main moments during the wedding day when the emotion is FLOWING.

If you’ve done it by tradition, you’ve not seen your soon-to-be-spouse for hours. And it probably felt like days.

So there they are, right in front of you, looking absolutely banging, and you suddenly remember they’re about to say they want to be with you for the rest of their life.

Honestly, it’s a lot.

I use two cameras for this moment, so I get to film both of your reactions every step of the way. Plus one of you will be mic’d up with a lapel mic, so I record that whispered ‘oh my god’ when you see your beloved at the end of the aisle in perfect quality.

Photo Laura and Ryan's wedding at Newby Bridge

2: The first dance


You can’t spell emotion without motion, am I right?

Joking aside, the first dance is one of THE moments to get on video because well, you’re moving.

Whether you’re popping some sick moves or swaying in the arms of your new spouse, the first dance looks great on video.

Strictly Come Dancing is made for TV rather than magazines for a reason!


3 & 4: The ceremony and the speeches


I know these are two very different moments in your wedding day, but I’ve grouped them together because you should get them on video for EXACTLY the same reason.

It’s for capturing people speaking.

It’s the registrar welcoming you to your wedding day; you choking up during your vows; and the HIGHLY embarrassing jokes from a sibling during the speeches…

You might forget the exact words people say as the day whizzes past you in a blur, but with a wedding video it all comes back to you.

I record anyone speaking with TV-quality lapel microphones, so even if a kid starts crying mid way through the speeches, you’ll still be able to hear what is being said really clearly (just with, you know, the sound of a kid crying in the background. I can’t stop it happening completely I’m afraid!).


5: Confetti throwing / sparklers / smokebombs / *insert big photo moment here


Now these are moments that are made for the photographer, and you should definitely still get photos of them… but they also look banging on video.

They all involve a lot of movement in a VERY short space of time, which is why I tend to shoot them in slow motion.

The slow mo I shoot is a quarter of the speed of like, actual time, which means you get to see confetti flying into your mouth in extreme detail.

You’ll thank me later when you’re watching it back!


Are any of those top 5 wedding moments something you’d really like captured on video at your wedding? Get in touch and we can have a chat about what you’ve got planned.

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