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Wedding videographer Hannah Quinn

Why one person who does it all doesn’t normally work

Quite often when I’m speaking to couples who are getting married, they’ll ask me if I also do wedding photography. And I definitely get where the confusion comes from because my cameras shoot both video and photographs really, really well. But for me, having one person do both doesn’t work for a couple of reasons.

Now, the first reason is that everything on your wedding day only happens once. You only do the vows once, you only cut the cake once, you only do your first dance once. And if you’ve got someone who’s trying to do both videos and photos, you might have the cutting of your cake just as a photo, not as a video, or vice versa. Or even worse, they might be stuck fiddling with the camera settings during that and you miss the moment entirely.

And the other big thing is that, while, they do sometimes use the same equipment, actually photography and videography are very different fields. So for example, I could take a reasonable photo, but I know nothing about flashes.

And you might get a photographer who could expose a shot correctly to film it, but they don’t know how to capture good quality audio or there’s some flickering in the lights and they don’t know how to get that out of the footage.

So for me, that’s why you’re better off getting a separate photographer and wedding videographer who are specialists in their own field, rather than getting someone who’s really pushed for time and just kind of okay at doing both.

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