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Categories: ThoughtsPublished On: July 5th, 2022


Still of the brides holding hands at the ceremony from Sheryl and Jodies's wedding filmed in Staffordshire by Wedding Stories by Hannah Quinn

When it came to finding the best way to film weddings, I had a bit of a goldilocks journey.

I tried the tripod first.

It produced lovely stable footage… but for a wedding it looked a bit too clinical. You need some movement to bring the video to life.

Plus, it was a bit too bulky when rushing around to get the perfect shot.

So I tried handheld footage instead.

Image of a Canon Camera taken in front of a door
Hannah Quinn holding her Kenro Monopod Tripod infront of her

The level of movement on the shots looked lovely, but it was way too heavy for a whole day wedding shoot. My back was killing me by the end of the night!

Then I found the monopod – and it is just right.

A little bit of movement on the shots – but not so much it’s unnerving.

It takes all the weight of the camera, so I can shoot for the whole day without getting tired.

And it’s really portable, meaning I can keep up with the fast pace of the day, and never miss a shot.

It was one of those kit investments which made me think ‘how did I ever manage without this.’

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