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Director of wedding stories by Hannah Quinn and her wife Becca on their wedding day

As a same-sex couple, the traditional wedding script didn’t work for us – so we made it our own

There’s loads of wedding traditions, running from the cute to the downright weird.

But from my experience filming other people’s wedding days, I knew that the most important thing is to plan a day that you know you’ll love.

While its fun to completely say sod it to tradition, we found they do act as a nice rough guide. It would be hard to completely plan a wedding day from scratch!

So here are the five wedding traditions we ditched, or altered to make our own for our wedding at The Plough Inn in Congleton.


What we wore

Neither of us were particularly keen to don massive white wedding dresses.

I haven’t worn a dress since my cousin’s wedding in 2018, and Bec was just not feeling the vibe.

Instead, she chose to wear a stunning blue vintage style dress, with the most gorgeous pattern.

I had a custom burgundy suit made a tailors King and Allen, with a floral bow tie, braces and pocket square.

We were both felt fly as hell on our wedding day – which we absolutely wouldn’t have done wearing big white dresses!

What Hannah and Becca wore on their wedding day at the Plough Inn in Congleton


Something borrowed, something blue

Honestly, this is one we just didn’t see any point in – no matter how much people kept asking us what we’d got for it!

My wife wore a blue wedding dress, but it wasn’t for the wedding tradition, she just loved it and looked incredible in it.

We’ve not experienced any horrible luck so far. And I think fertility was kinda scuppered anyway.


Walking down the aisle

This was one we really struggled with – we hadn’t really got an image in our heads of exactly what we wanted.

Tradition is obviously that the groom waits at the end of the aisle while the bride walks down it.

We found a bit of a compromise for our ‘two brides no groom’ wedding though.

My mum and sister walked down the aisle, followed by me and my dad – so I was there waiting for Becca when she walked down the aisle with her family.

Best of both worlds really!

Becca walking down the aisle



Speeches aren’t for everyone. Public speaking is my public enemy number one, and when I did one at my sister’s wedding I actually couldn’t eat any of the meal because I was so nervous.

But oddly – I found that I really wanted to make a speech at our wedding. I wanted the opportunity to tell everyone about how our love story came to be.

So instead we did the speeches before the meal – I guess a little bit to get them out of the way!

We gave everyone a bag of sweets for the table so they wouldn’t get hangry and start heckling (a real risk if Becca’s family is anything like she is!)

And then me, my dad, my father-in-law, and my sister made speeches. I was expecting to get roasted most by my dad, but as you can tell from these photos, it was my sister who absolutely murdered me.

“She can’t even get a straight bow-tie!”

Jess' speech during Hannah and Becca's wedding day

Jess' speech during Hannah and Becca's wedding day


First dance

Becca and I are not slow dancers – we’re a bit too silly for that.

Instead, we picked an absolute noughties bop from Kylie (Love at First Sight) and had a right old boogie.

Bec’s not one to have the limelight on her for ages though – so we arranged with mates beforehand to have them flood the dancefloor after the first chorus, and get the party started. And it didn’t stop until kick out time!

Hannah and Becca dancing to Kylie Minogue during their first dance

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