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Image from Sheryl and Jodie's wedding day at Inglewood Manor in Ellesmere Port

Wedding films capture your memories on video, and record all of the moments you might otherwise forget

During the vows of my wedding ceremony, the registrar asked if we were free to marry each other, and my wife was so emotional she could barely manage a ‘yeah’.*

After the ceremony, my grandma in law went around stealing all of the leftover fruit from people’s glasses of pimms and nabbing it for herself.

And during the evening dancing, my cousin did a fantastic worm on the dance floor.

What do all of these things have in common? They’re moments from my wedding day that I’d forgotten about until I got the footage back from the videographer. 

Your wedding day goes by in a flash

Everyone says it – but it genuinely is true. You’ve got a million different amazing experiences packed into a single day, so it isn’t surprising really that you forget some of them!

There’ll definitely be moment watching your wedding video for the first time where you say: ‘oh yeah – I’d completely forgotten you shoved that ice cream in my face!’

For me, one of the best parts of producing a wedding film for a couple is knowing that there’s moments in it that they’d have otherwise forgotten – whether tomorrow, or fifty years down the line.

You don’t get to see everything

Wedding days are whirlwinds, and I didn’t even know what time it was for half of the day.

Even with a smaller ceremony or an elopement, people need your attention at certain points during the day – maybe the photographer is taking you for a couple’s shoot, or the registrar needs you to sign some documents.

Not to mention that if you choose to get ready separate from their spouse, then that’s a massive part of their day that you don’t get to see!

Having a videographer on hand to capture the moments you’re not there for gives you a new view of your wedding day – and there’ll probably be some surprises in there!**

Make an event of your anniversary

One thing I’ve heard from couples that I’ve worked with is that they love watching their wedding film back on their anniversary.

I think this is such a lovely idea – it gives you a moment in the year where you make time to reflect and remember one of the best days of your life.

But for me, I try and make wedding videos that you’d watch anytime.

My wedding films are 10-15 minute long highlights videos (depending on how much of your wedding I film). 

I think this is the perfect balance of long enough to capture all the best moments – but not so long that you feel you need a special occasion to sit down and watch it!


Interested in chatting through your wedding plans with a professional filmmaker, to find out more about how it’d look on camera? Get in touch.

*I’d like to make clear at this point I did not coerce her into marrying me!

** For example, I had no idea that my cousin tore up the dance floor with the worm.

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